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Astratto quotidiano


Astratto quotidiano (daily abstraction) is one of those work-in-progress starting from this kind of approach. Every week-end I brush my parent’s dog. From this act I get spots of black dog hairs showing a woof shape given by the kind of brush. The spots, small diaphragms proving the repeating of “taking-care” and shaped by the brush reticular structure, show the constant difference of the repeating (all spots are each other different) and the unending extension in time and space of a body – the dog – only apparently “ending”.
In these works reality looks unending, entropic and irreducible. In this reality frigile structures of rational synthesis makes recognizable small portions of “being” and at the same time reveals how immeasurable it is. Each structure seems to have the only function of displaying the human being’s thinking and acting as uncertain “drawing of meaning”, small structures floating in an unending sea, just perceivable.