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Unpopular song is a chant that is reminiscent of a italian children's song: "bi a bi e ba be bi e i ba be bi bi e o ba be bi bo bi e u bu ba be bi bo bu....". This like other similar songs, in the world, were created to teach and to store the monosyllables of the alphabet, the names of the mountains, etc..
Unpopular song is made by putting the initials of the Italian Council of Presidents from the first Government of the Italian Republic in chronological order- is called the unpopular because its content is very unpopular/ unknown, in contrast to the form which has ties to "tradition".
But there is also a more intimate aspect that has to do with singing, reciting a nursery rhyme: to do a direct experience, to hear the collective history of which one belongs, interpreted by own voice. In short, if there is a teaching in the unpopular song is not learn the names of Prime Ministers but to bring back the story of the power to the right size, and so be able to participate.
The work aims to create a situation of individual participation to a story that seems not to have been embraced by the community - despite being a collective experience.